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When the strata committee decided to address some security concerns such as vandalism between the adjoining towers of building one and building two, they approached the local EVVA supplier, Websters Master Locksmith (Locksmith in Caringbah), to find a solution that aligns to the high security requirements of The Madison. Kevin Travis of The Madison strata committee, “We know we needed a very high security system that is flexible enough to suit our security and environmental requirements but also would be accepted by the residents. What we found with EVVA 4KS is a maximum-security system that complements our existing high security access control and CCTV system.”

The installation started in building two common area doors, fire stair doors, service rooms, and then to building one fire stair doors. To date, the EVVA 4KS system is installed across a 3-tier security hierarchy, with 50 doors and 170 keys, leaving expansion options available for individual unit doors to the system.

“If you know Caringbah, we are in a costal environment which means lots of salt and sandy conditions. The 4KS system has been up to the task from first installation in 2020”, says Kevin.

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Unlike most master key systems that rely on spring pressure in the cylinder, the 4KS locking pins (sliders) inside the cylinder are actively moved by the tracks in the key into alignment before the cylinder will open.

By this industry leading design, EVVA 4KS has been ground-breaking in providing a maintenance free key system. When you insert your key into the cylinder, a total of 12 springless carbide sliders are brought into a specific position via positive control of the six key curves and scanned by two control bars. The active slider placement and distinctive springless design also makes the 4KS system highly suitable for sandy, dirty, and salty environments, and as Kevin mentions above this was one of the key factors chosen for The Madison.

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The 4KS key is extremely simple for key holders to use as it is reversible so it can be inserted either way and with a larger than normal key head making it simpler to use for those who are losing some dexterity in their hands.

In conclusion, Kevin adds “The customer service provided by Websters Locksmiths is fabulous. From the initial walk into their shop to scoping a system that would meet our security requirements, and to the ongoing support makes dealing with Websters Locksmiths for our locksmithing and security needs a pleasure.”

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Locksmith Caringbah - Madison Apartments Caringbah

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