EVVA 4ks Sydney

4KS is patented, springless and anything but conventional. In contrast to other locking systems, the locking elements in the 4KS cylinder are sliding along the tracks of the key. Minimal force is needed to insert the key due to lack of spring resistance.

A total of 12 springless locking pins are brought into specific positions via active placement of the 6 curve millings on the key and are scanned via 2 control bars. A locking bar in the cylinder controls the key’s additional coding.

The 4KS key is scanned a total of four times before a cylinder can be opened, offering the highest security. The combination of a nickel-silver cylinder and carbide components instead of brass is why 4KS locks have been cycle-tested to 100,000 operations

EVVA 4ks Sydney

Controlled Protection

  • It is a requirement that 4KS dealers store their components in a secure location within their business. This must include restricted access for their own staff.

  • In addition, new keys can only be ordered by the system owner by supplying proof of identity that matches the dealer’s record.

  • EVVA 4KS key blanks are only produced at EVVA and the distribution of the keys to authorized dealers is tightly controlled to ensure enhanced security.
  • All master key coding by the dealer must be produced using an approved master key design software.

Legal Protection

  • The patent on the 4KS system is valid until 2035. Through patents and licensing, EVVA restricts the manufacture of 4KS keys to a number of authorized locksmiths.

Technical protection

  • The 4KS key is technically difficult to reproduce without an advanced level of specialist knowledge.
  • Key machines capable of cutting 4KS are licenced and require EVVA approval to be enabled to cut 4KS.
  • Unlike many master key systems, key machines are not able to decode the keys.
  • 4KS cannot be decoded by key matching.
4KS Cylinder Ratings


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